• Martin Keller
      • 45 years old

I’m what many will call a typical entrepreneur and started my first IT-business (web design) in my early twenties, which was at the same time that I served in the military.

Served at the Royal Life Guard as an officer “first lieutenant” (now in reserve) and have been rewarded with several accolades for my service, national and international.

I moved to Norway after the military and started a small IT company, but quickly became headhunted for a position as IT Administrator in an insurance company, then IT Manager and later Partner in an IT company...

I’m known for my creativity out of the box, my way of thinking, and am able to see new way/solutions in everything.!  My motto is: "there are no problems, only solutions."

After 8 years in Norway the craving for our lovely kingdom simply became too much ...! 
so here I am, back in good old Denmark.




    Cand.IT  -  Computer Science and Informatics


    AP Degree.  -  Management and Strategy

    • Good communication and listening skills

    • Punctuality and reliability

    • The capacity to work well in teams

    • The ability to take instructions and criticism